Dr. Mohamed Tarek Abdel-Aziz Ghannoum

Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

Dr. Tarek Ghannoum is a Professor of Audio-vestibular medicine in the department of Otorhinolarygology at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. Dr. Ghannoum holds a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, 1981), Master of Science in Otorhinolaryngology (MSc, 1985), Master of Science in Audio-vestibular medicine (MSc 1990) and Medical Doctorate in Audio-vestibular medicine (M.D, 1993) from Cairo University. He has been working in the clinical field of audio-vestibular medicine since 1985.

Professor Ghannoum has supervised many M.Sc. and MD. theses and has research work in the field of audio-vestibular medicine. He has presented his scientific research as oral presentations in several national and international scientific conferences. Dr. Ghannoum has several publications in national and international peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. His research interests include vestibular testing and rehabilitation, tinnitus assessment and management and auditory processing.

Dr. Ghannoum has attended many medical instructional courses and workshops, and has actively participated in organizing several scientific events.

Dr. Ghannoum was appointed as Head of Audiovestibular medicine Unit, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Kasr Alainy in the period from 2014-2017.

Dr. Tarek Ghannoum is the current President of Egyptian Audiovestibular medicine association (EAVMA). He became one of EAVMA board members in 2015 and was elected President at 2016 till present date.