Dr. Nailah Al-Sulaihim, CCC-Ph.D.

Nailah Al-Sulaihim, CCC-Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Speech-Language Pathology in the Department of Communication Disorders Sciences at Kuwait University. Dr. Al-Sulaihim obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Reading (UK) in 2014. Her present research interests include language acquisition, language and literacy, language disorders, and bilingualism. She is currently working on projects related to literacy environments including a study of shared book reading, emergent literacy, phonological awareness, and home literacy environments in Arab households.

Dr. Al-Sulaihim is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with a (Certificate of Clinical Competence-CCC) from the American Speech Language Hearing Association. She currently works as lecturer, an academic advisor, as well as a clinical supervisor for the students in her department at the university. She teaches courses on guidelines for clinical practice, speech and language development, and childhood language disorders. Previous clinical positions as an SLP involved the evaluation and treatment of children diagnosed with language disorders and learning disabilities.