Dr. Goncalo Leal

Gonçalo Leal is a Speech Therapist and the Director of the Stuttering Treatment Center - CTG (Portugal). Gonçalo Leal works exclusively on fluency disorders and has a vast teaching experience with workshops and courses in European and Latin American countries. He is a mentor and international coordinator of specialization in fluency disorders at the Faculty of Medicine of Conception University (Chile). Gonçalo is a PhD candidate at the UCP and holds a voluntary appointment with Riverside Med School in California. He has chapters published in the fluency disorders field, and his research area is related to improving the outcome in therapeutic intervention and the use of technology in the Stuttering evaluation and treatment (collaborates with several international groups). Gonçalo is passionate about sharing knowledge about stuttering and developing clinical thinking among students. Member of the Executive Board of the Portuguese Society of Speech Therapy and coordinator of the Ethics Committee of the Portuguese Association of Speech Therapists