Prof. Abdelrahman Hagr

Professor Abdulrahman Abdullah Hagr received his bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1996. Completed his postgraduate studies in Otolaryngology from McGill University, Canada, in 2004 and Otology and Neurotology from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, in 2005. He holds the following certificates: MBBS, Saudi Council Examination, Internship, MCCEE, King Medal for Merit, Principles of Surgery, Royal College of Canada, and Dalhousie University Otology Fellowship. A profeorss and consultant at King Saud University, consultant at the Ministry of Health for National Neonatal Screening Program, consultant at Al Habib Medical Center- otology-neurotology and a skull base surgeon.

Professor Hagr is the founder and advisor of the Cochlear Implant Programs in Saudi Arabia. He is also the founder of the Otology Neurotology Fellowship Program at king Saud University, founder of the largest cochlear implant program in Middle East, the founder of the first Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA), Hybrid CI, ABI, ABCI, Vistafix, Vibroplasty and Bonebridge programs in Saudi Arabia.  He is currently the director of the following: King Abdullah Ear Specialist Center, at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, King Saud University, Director of the National Saudi Neonatal Screening Program, Prince Sultan Research Chair for Hearing Disabilities (RCHD). President of the Saudi ORL Societ and a member of King Saud University Counseling Board for Scientific Studies.

Professor Hagr is the Goodwill Ambassador of American Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. He is the Chairman of International Arab Cochlear Conference (ACIC). He has made numerous conference presentations worldwide and an author of eight books and more than thirty-five scientific articles.